What is Beathaven?

A forward-thinking, interactive, online music catalog, designed to identify and cultivate talented artists wherever they are.

We offer unique revenue and royalty opportunities for talented musicians. We provide a range of incentives for creativity. We actively pursue distribution, pitching and placement options for our contributors.

Beathaven is an alternative to traditional A&R methods. We think there are new and more effective ways to cultivate talented artists with today’s technology. We also think there will be newly realized, creative potential when we provide accessibility between site users and our industry professionals.

By staging our development activities online, we avoid the crippling expectations and lengthy, time-consuming exchanges that typically burden the production process.

Just use your gifts, download our tracks, show us your performance ideas and let’s see what we can do – together.

Who is Beathaven?

Beathaven is a consortium of music producers, composers, artists, engineers and music industry professionals with vast experience in every aspect of music production, distribution, artist development, live event management and promotion.

Our commercial clients have included: Coke, Jeep, Discover, Nike, NBC, ABC, CBS, Pepsi, Kellogg’s, Masterlock, KFC, Slazenger, Chrysler, Dodge and numerous radio outlets (to name a few). Our player producers have contributed to thousands of recordings, tours and media projects.

Our contributors also include successful studio owners, music entrepreneurs, active industry session musicians and touring artists. In several cases, they are legendary players and innovators. We have industry activities going on in major music cities in the US and around the world – in all musical genres, idioms and platforms.

This leadership team shares a sincere commitment to developing new kinds of access for creative people everywhere.

You can also read our Play With the Pros features for detail on a few of our contributors.

Beathaven is an interconnected network of high value contacts, each ready to identify your unique gifts and create meaningful opportunities for revenue and industry exposure.

New alliances are forming among our contributors. Our paradigm is opening new kinds of interactivity. Join us!


Musicality. Originality. Creativity. Depth of expression.
We’re looking for performances that showcase your unique talents.

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