Welcome to Beathaven, an innovative, interactive online A&R service for musicians. Collaborate with great players worldwide, receive royalty income, expand your song-writing and production opportunities.

Enlarge your creative community.

Download tracks that interest you, add parts with your recording setup. The first track is free! Upload your MP3 mix free with your private account. OR you can submit your own original music. You’ll receive feedback from music industry pros and royalty proposals for great ideas. It’s that easy.

The tracks in our music catalog are from many styles and genres. They all have sections and parts left open just for you. Add solos, vocals, lead and rhythm parts – you name it. The overdub possibilities are limitless and we are interested in all type of ideas.

We bring you into active sessions with revenue generating opportunities. We mix, distribute and promote tracks for you down all our channels. We reward creativity and expand your industry exposure with our professional team. Beathaven is for musicians and by musicians.


Our catalog features an eclectic blend of musical styles and genres, but all of our tracks have one thing in common: they’re missing your creative interpretation and adaptation. We’re looking for musicality, originality, forward-thinking ideas, unexpected talents, depth of expression, dexterity, precision, skill, power, nuances – anything that expands and elevates the track, turning it into something new.




Beathaven is a dynamic and living music catalog. We are reimagining creative collaboration, post-scoring and songwriting. We are a forward-thinking production process for emerging media platforms. We customize music ideas for pitching and placement in worldwide partnerships and involve new, unique and unknown artists in our system.

An online A&R, Genre-Fusion Machine without boundaries

~ John M. Duncan, Founder of Beathaven

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